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Institute of Applied Data Sciences

Welcome to the Institute of Applied Data Sciences

"Every time we use a computer or go online, we benefit from the genius of Alan Turing and the foresight of Sir Tim Berners-Lee."

Prime Minister Theresa May, spoken at Jodrell Bank, May 2018

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has joined the Alan Turing Institute, the national institute for data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a university partner. The Institute was founded by Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, UCL and Warwick.  We are working alongside other new members, Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton. This presents QMUL with a major opportunity to take a leading role in this high profile national initiative. This has led directly to the creation of the Institute of Applied Data Sciences here at Queen Mary University of London .

Data science and AI play an increasingly important role in modern life and, as a result of this exciting new partnership, we will be building significantly upon our world leading research activity in the field. Some of the research themes currently being explored include computational statistics, logic for data science, machine learning, mathematical and computational modelling of complex systems, knowledge representation, and operations research, high dimensional statistics, artificial intelligence for data analytics, and also national cyber security.

The Institute of Applied Data Sciences is a new institute that will enhance Queen Mary's active involvement with the Alan Turing Institute network of universities and partners. Professor Michael Farber is Director of the newly established Institute, launched during the Alan Turing Institute Town Hall event in May. He outlined his vision for the new institute and its potential for collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute:

"The partnership with the Alan Turing Institute will help us to develop top quality research in data science and artificial intelligence (AI). Joining the Alan Turing Institute will allow us to collaborate with the most advanced research teams from leading UK universities; we will be working with major industrial partners of the Institute and will be first to address the scientific calls of the British government. The partnership will add to our recognition and prestige by including Queen Mary in a list of highly successful British universities." 

Professor Michael Farber, May 2018.

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